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Indian Trust for Rural Heritage and Development (ITRHD)
Just as the universe is contained in the self, so is India contained in the villages
- Mahatma Gandhi

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What's New


Azamgarh Festival

Azamgarh Festival 2016 to be held at Hotel Ashok between 14th to 20th, Oct. 2016


New Initiative for Women - “Mahila Uddyami”

Entrepreneurial Development Through Vocational Training

ITRHD has taken a new initiative – Training the trainers in Cutting and Stitching under professional guidance in the three village cluster of Hariharpur, Mubarakpur and Nizamabad in Dist. Azamgarh (UP).

The selection of women have been from wide and afar blocks of these villages. The women have been selected on their understanding and ability to cut and sew. After the school hours, the Chacha Nehru Primary School premises is being utilized by 50 odd enthusiastic women, where the trained or skilled are informally teaching the basic art of cutting and stitching of garments etc. to village women. The whole program as a model test case has been very well received by the locals and each day a congregation of large women can be seen in the school premises. Usha sewing machines have been gifted by a British member of ITRHD and other accessories are being provided by the ITRHD.

The scheme “Training the Trainers” has been partnered with Usha International Ltd., Silai group who would be conducting the formal training shortly in the school premises. The aim of the program is to create a group of women trainers, who inturn would teach the art of sewing to others and thus create the set of skilled hands and women entrepreneurs.

Depending upon the success, resources and willingness of the village women, ITRHD plans that the model would be replicated in their villages and towns.

APPEAL: IF you wish to join and support the initiative, please donate generously for the cause as per details given on HOME page.

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