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Indian Trust for Rural Heritage and Development (ITRHD)
Just as the universe is contained in the self, so is India contained in the villages
- Mahatma Gandhi

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This Appeal goes out to all like-minded individuals, corporate, institutions, and others, to support in cause and deed the objectives of Indian Trust for Rural
Heritage and Development.

We appeal to the corporate sector and foreign corporates in India for funds to set up a primary school cum adult education cum vocational centre; primary health care facilities, and accommodation for staff and teachers. For the first phase of our work, we are looking at identifying and developing the tourist circuits along rural sectors; and development of nearby villages. Those interested in funding a similar project (wholly or partly) may get in touch with us.

We also would like to join hands with like-minded NGO’s in order to work together to achieve a common objective and create a common platform for rural heritage and development.

Contribution of students and professionals who wish to volunteer or intern with us will be duly appreciated.

Rural Education Initiative of RHD
We appeal to all educational institutions, students and parents to donate the primary school text books. These will be distributed among the children in the rural areas where RHD is working.

An Appeal, and an opportunity
During our existence of less than a year and a half, the Indian Trust for Rural Heritage and Development (ITRHD) has already been able to develop a number of projects in different parts of the country. All of these projects focus on holistic development in economically deprived rural areas, through sustainable development of heritage assets.

Education is, of course, the key to any program of meaningful sustainable development. Government facilities are, for the most part, inadequate and unsatisfactory in rural areas.Development of alternative educational facilities is thus a necessary component of all our projects, if there is to be meaningful long-term benefit to the community. We therefore plan to establish primary schools in all project areas, incorporating several basic concepts. These include:

  • Training of local residents, especially young women, to serve as faculty, thus insuring stability and sensitivity to local concerns, as well as providing employment;
  • Development of curricula that include sensitivity to cultural and heritage concerns, and a focus on the nurturing of creativity, as well as successful mastery of standard curricula ;
  • Provision of health, nutrition, and other needs that enable young minds and bodies to flourish, so that they will face later challenges with confidence and self-belief.

The first such project is just beginning in the village of Hariharpur, Azamgarh District, U.P. This is a village with a rich and vibrant music tradition, but with a severe lack of educational and medical facilities, civic infrastructure, and opportunity. The “Chacha Nehru” primary school will shortly open. Rather than waiting until we had sufficient resources to construct the school building, we are beginning in temporary quarters of two village houses, one donated by village residents and one being taken on rent.

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